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Crédit photo: Eliot B. Lafrenière

Les Anses Résonantes is an innovative collaborative project that integrates the spheres of acoustic, electronic and formal research. It brings together musicians Stéphane Diamantakiou, Sébastien Sauvageau, Gabrielle Harnois-Blouin and videographer Charline Dally.

The starting point of this work is the development of an acoustic double bass augmented by 6 sympathetic strings in the style of the Scandinavian Hardanger violin. In addition to the use of acoustic resonance, this system allows the two sets of strings to be amplified independently in order to better inhabit the sound space. Sampling, granular synthesis and oscillators are quickly becoming the preferred partners for acoustic sound deployments and the occasional addition of vocals. The ensemble favors long and enveloping musical forms organized in mapped improvisations, where the tangle of synthesizers and textures mingle with the hypnotic patterns of the double bass.

Combining the analog video signal with computer-generated images, Charline Dally's video performance explores the duality between synthetic and acoustic sounds.

The sensitivity and communicative alchemy of the ensemble invite the audience into an exploratory reverie where each sound finds its echo, each movement, one after the other, generates a wave where both the performer and the listener become witnesses of phenomenal time.

Les Anses Résonantes is supported by the Canada Council for the Arts

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